Enjoy classical music concerts on Bonaire

Festival Musika Mundial di Boneiru

Mei 2019 Festival maand 10 jaar Classical Music Board Bonaire!

Friday 10 may, Courtyard Marriott:
10.30 school concert for SGB 11.30 school concert for “the Pelican”
20.00 hrs Benefit Concert

For you performs a quintet with piano, horn, clarinet, oboe and bassoon. They play classical music from various countries for duo, trio, Quartet and Quintet-occupation. There is also song of a famous musical star of Bonairian origin! Musical arrangements are made specifically for this concert.

With the ticket sales of this concert  the Fundashon Hofi Kultural will be supported. At the ticket is a snack and drink included.

Saturday 11 mayWilhelminapark
19.00-22.30 Popular classic and Antillean music of Curaçao, the quintet and a star from the musical world, Chaira Borderslee. A performance by a very famous Bonairian group from Rincon, Agrupashon Tutti Frutti, with equally famous songs with a surprising interaction.

The Wilhelmina Park is festive illuminated with cozy seating areas. 

Thursday 23 May Kas uido, the Rincon

15.00; school concert with the renowned saxofonist and didact Henk van Twillert, Bernardo Salabert, Hristo Goleminov (Porto/Amsterdam) and some members of the Group Saxomania

Friday 24 may, Wilhemina Park

Street parade with a host of saxophonists.
Appearances in the musical dome with beautiful light and sound by:

Henk van Twillert, Bernardo Salabert, Hristo Goleminov (Porto/Amsterdam), the Bonairean group Saxomania, the musical star Chaira , and the Silver Bullet Steel Band.

Light classical, popular and modern music from many countries, also of Bonairian origin!

Saturday 25 may , Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire

19.00 reception: 10 year anniversary and 80 events organized by the  Classical Music Board Bonaire, by invitation.
20.00-22.00 Gala (!) concert. Yes finally a real gala concert where you can shine ! In the price are delicious refreshments included. For you perform the renowned saxophonists Henk van Twillert, Bernardo Salabert, Hristo Goleminov (Porto/Amsterdam), the Bonaire group
 Saxomania, reinforced with the master percussionist Gaby Mercera. Further highlights from the musical Aida, sung by the singer who sung the lead role, Chaira Borderslee! Afterparty tba.